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The Garmin Oregon 300 - GPS for the adventurer
A device of GPS goes well more and more to an essential share of the modern toolkit of day. More old charts of paper and to ask directions. The devices held in the hand of GPS abound now, with the prices which make them almost a silly thing - and they are even included in telephones. On the side tilted of much of the latter is that a fast bath in a river or one to fall your local mountain can not be good for their health. In answer to this exit, Garmin provided compact Oregon and rough 300. Garmin are almost the credits in devices of GPS in South Africa, and Oregon underlines their positioning.

Oregon 300 is compact, without round but rather squat jolt in the design, and is made robust with a sealed port of USB and to close with key behind the aileron, in order to protect it from the elements. Outside is clean and agreeably rubber, with a simple button to turn the device moving and stop. A card slot micro of standard deviation located under the batteries is not most accessible, but it is not very probable will change you regularly charts.

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