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Here is some news from Display Taiwan 2009. The exhibition is one the biggest technology dedicated exhibitions of the East and this year it was held in the 11th time. Among International Flat Panel Display Exposition announcements we have found a full-on Amazon Kindle 2 competitor. It is from AUO. There is not much information their ebook reader but some of it, mixed with rumors, is already hovering about the Web. Most of specs are know as well as company's plans for further device evolution. Prices and market distribution are not yet spelled.

The AUO ebook reader features 6 inch touch sensitive display. Resolution is 800 x 600 which means it has 167dpi pixel density. It also has 16 gray levels, 8 : 1 contrast ratio and ebook's reflectance is 27%. So far so good, but it is still no match for the Kindle all the more it is no match for the Kindle DX.

Source : Gadgets-reviews

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