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Possibly the most fashionable and attractive gadget of the last time is this fabulous Combimouse. Being a combo of mouse and keyboard, similarly this brand new device features a standard QWERTY keyboard as well integrated standard mouse. It would not be a lie to say that this crazy gizmo is one of the coolest and strangest gizmo.

What is really prominent is a QWERTY layout. Not only was it made to provide a new keyboard and mouse operation experience but also does it represents a fine design. This tricky gadget was successfully tested by Wichita State University according to which all the problematic issues were solved.

Its right unit is like a regular mouse having a has a similar grip while the left one appears to be stationary giving your left hand a new operation of your QWERTY keyboard. By default mode the right unit operates in keyboard mode with the user gripping the right unit to automatically change in to mouse buttons mode.

This mode makes it possible for movement of the right unit to enable cursor movement on its display with the keys I, O, J, K, L to become mouse click buttons. This prototype seems to be very simple preventing the use from moving his hand from keyboard to mouse and back a great deal of times a day.

The combimouse allows an easy translation between the two operations. Also this tricky combimouse applies a radio connection between its two parts. In addition, the combimouse features a USB port and is powered by two AA batteries. Still there is not any word about its availability.

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