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The T-Shirt is back in fashion and king of the hill is the novelty T Equaliser Music T Shirt! Forget those terrible global hypercolour, sweat mopping catastrophes that we all wore so proudly during the misspent `80s, welcome to the Ipod generation.

T-Equaliser is back but this time with a twist. Using the same built in sound sensitive spectrum analyzer mounted behind the ever popular black dancing silhouette, when you rock, rave, twist or boogie your spectrum analyzer bounces into action in time with your chosen music.

Available in four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) the new generation T-Equaliser focuses on the already popular shape busting black silhouette associated with the a certain famous brand of MP3 player advertisement. By adding a fully functional electro luminescence panel behind the black silhouette you instantly have a t-shirt that rocks and looks the business. Available in two delicious colours your black dancing silhouette can be accompanied by either red or blue spectrums. The battery operated (4 x AAA not included) T-Equaliser T-shirt is light weight so it won’t stop you throwing shapes at your favourite parties and once you get all sweaty you can remove the battery pack to give T-Q a well deserved wash! So what ever music you choose to listen to you can rest assured that you T-Equaliser will always rock with you!

More Information

• The T-Equaliser Music T Shirt is made from 100% cotton
• Chest size: Small: 42.5 inches Medium: 45 inches, Large: 47.5 inches
• Available in Blue or Red
• 1 x Battery pack and sound sensor
• Panel is powered by a detachable battery pack
• The battery pack can be unplugged for washing the t-shirt
• The t-shirt is hand wash only
• Requires 4 x AAA Batteries (not included)

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