Mario Mushroom USB Drive | Gadget Lover

For those of you that still love good old Mario, this is a USB drive you’ll definitely appreciate. This little Shroom will hold your data and look cool while doing it. Not only that, but you can also pick up a USB extender that allows for it to be plugged directly into a small brick square. Strongly resembling the ones out of the game that you would bump to make that precious shroom pop out, to give you just a little extra light. All the while making your hands look huuuge and the rest of your grow a bit as well. For the price, I’m not exactly thrilled how much storage it has. However, I might be willing to overlook it, based on how much geek appeal it has. The drive is 4GB, which will get you a decent amount of space. You can purchase the drive on Etsy for $65. Then there is the Mario Brick USB Extension, the cables can extend anywhere from 1ft on up to 6ft. Those will cost you $25 a piece on top of what the drive will cost you.

Source: Coolest-Gadgets