Ondo: Futuristic Musical Phone | Gadget Lover

A concept phone has been in the making, for what mobile phones will look like in near future. Its makers are not looking at 20 years ahead, but just about two or five years. Ondo, is the name of the new concept phone which is supposed to be a music phone that is currently being blogged about.

The Ondo features three detachable "sticks", each with its own OLED screen, internal flash memory, microphone and power supply. Together, they form the main touch display of the phone. When detached from the chassis, each can be clipped onto musical instruments or a person to capture audio streams. The housing of the Ondo will be made from a bendable material with piezoelectric properties that give it music-editing capabilities. There's also a physical fine-tune dial for the remixing of audio files.

The Ondo is targeted at amateur users and music enthusiasts. The former group is passionate about music and interested to learn how to play an instrument, while the latter has prior experience with creating music and probably plays in a band as well.