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Sanyo SCP-2700
The Sanyo SCP-2700 will come with a 2.2″ color LCD display that isn’t touchscreen - now isn’t that a welcome change from the slew of touchscreen handsets that have been making their way across markets all over the world lately? Well, call it old technology, but it does have its niche.

The compact candybar handset will feature its own QWERTY keyboard to help you get those text messages and email out in double quick time. Not only that, it will cater to either gender with Impulsive Pink and Deep Blue colors, and with threaded text messaging, it will be much easier to keep track of your conversations each time an email or text message comes in. For folks who can’t live with emoticons, there is a dedicated emoticon key that makes it a snap to insert smiley faces and other symbols into their text messages and emails.

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