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Be a Spiderman with Vacuum Gloves
What!!! be a Spiderman? yes, no need super power to climb walls like Spiderman. BBC TV presenter Jem Stansfield has done something about it. His custom made vacuum gloves provide enough grip to let him climb a sheer wall, even if it isn't quite as elegant as Spidey's setup.

Watch the video when Jem climbing a 100 foot building for a new BBC science show called Bang Goes The Theory. As you can see, it gets a bit dicey towards the top. Too bad he didn’t have any vacuum boots for his feet. I’m guessing he had to use all of his arm-strength to accomplish this climb, and I am sure that was quite difficult.


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  2. oochh kirain video herro mau belajar panjat tebing...hiks

  3. engga dikomersilin tuh alat yang dibuat? bisa - bisa semua polisi harus pada jagain semua gedung pencakar langit gara2 kebanyakan sapiderman :D