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Digital Ratchet Monkey Wrench
Now this is what you call overkill. Typically when you turn a wrench you can pretty much feel when it’s tight. Usually the best indication of this is that it gets more and more difficult to turn. It’s pretty basic. However, for those that need to know a distinct moment when things are tight there is this wrench with a digital display. You’ll never have to guess again, but that luxury is going to cost you a pretty hefty amount.

This looks like something you find at a novelty store to pick up for your Dad on Father’s Day. Instead though, this wrench is something you have to buy online for $323. Yes, that’s right this Digital Adjustable Wrench will cost you hundreds of dollars. The best part is that if you hold the ergonomic handle in the wrong place it won’t give a proper reading. Not only that, but if you happen to break it for some reason, you’re just hosed. Any decent tool typically comes with at least some kind of warranty, but there’s no chance of that at the Japan Trend Shop where you purchase it.

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