Electric bike by Chris Swoszowski | Gadget Lover

Electric bike is Concept bikes being able to run on electricity designed by Chris Swoszowski. This concept electric bike is expected to hit the roads in New York City in 2012. So this time riding a bike is going to be speedy, maneuverable and fashionable at the same time. Inspired by Lotus Evora, Electric bike giving a bike the same level of aestheticism. This electric bike is light weight thanks to its carbon fiber bodywork. Additionally, the electric bike features Li-ion batteries to provide sustainability, big intakes and exhausts for cooling reasons, LED headlights and tail lights to ensure your safety and visibility.



  1. wah bisa jadi alternatif pengganti sepeda motor nie.. mana modelnya lebih keren lagi.. ndak ada polisi.. ehh polusi :D

    sayang ndak bisa pake boncengan.. kekekek