HydraLux-4 LED, First Liquid-cooling Technology | Gadget Lover

Eternaleds, Inc. has lauch their debut of HydraLux-4 LED, the first liquid-cooling technology in the world. Here is some benefits quote from eternaleds.com

LED, or light-emitting diode technology, has become a popular option in light bulbs in the last several years because of their superior performance over both incandescents and CFLs. The Eternaleds HydraLux-4 has many benefits over these and other LED light bulbs including:

- Saves money. At 8 hours a day, the HydraLux-4 only costs $1.75 per year* to run, saving an average of $157.00 over the lifetime of the bulb in electricity and bulb replacement costs.
- Long Lasting. The HydraLux-4 is rated at 35,000 hours. At 8 hours usage per day, it will last 12 years.
- Non-Hazardous. These bulbs contain no mercury, unlike CFLs so they don't require special disposal or clean up. Likewise, the liquid inside is equivalent in composition to baby oil so it's completely non-toxic and UL compliant.
- Fully-dimmable. Many LED and CFL bulbs are not capable of being dimmed. The HydraLux-4 is fully dimmable, allowing consumers to create the ambiance they desire by using existing dimmer switches.
- Outdoor-approved. Many LED bulbs have their components exposed to open air so are can't be used outdoors. The HydraLux-4 is one of the few LED bulbs approved for both indoor and outdoor use.
- Cool to the touch. The HydraLux-4 runs cool, cutting down on cooling costs as well as being safe in household applications.