Cable Jungle : multifunctional gym equipment | Gadget Lover

This multi functional gym equipment makes it possible for you to perform a great deal of your favorite exercises to keep your body in good shape. With the Cable Jungle you will be able to enjoy an easy and smooth operation of the equipment. The Cable Jungle measures 2290 mm in height, 1680 mm in width and 1920 mm in length.

The Cable Jungle seems to be rather efficient equipment for you to stay in good health. Available in 3 colors, the Cable Jungle offers versatility in workouts making you look trendy and attractive. This smart machine offers a different height pulley in one side while other side of the equipment has high-low pulley. There is a front weight cover designed to protect you as you exercise. Another useful feature includes towel locking device keeping you and your training equipment clean. Additionally, this marvelous gym equipment has fashionable looks which makes it quite attractive.

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