Twilight Turtle | Gadget Lover

The turtle emits a warm ambient glow from his shell, casting eight night sky constellations on to the walls of your child’s bedroom. This soothing night light, with 3 relaxing colours, not only helps your children sleep, but you can teach them 8 of the most recognisable constellations while reading them their favorite bedtime story. Besides making the Twilight Turtle look gorgeous in the dark, the three colours of the nightlight apparently have a practical use: the autumnal glow of amber radiates warmth, good cheer and peace; blue is supposed to calm the mind and the senses - it’s one of the most natural colours in the world (just think about how many blue things you see every day: the sky, the sea, that jumper your aunty knitted you for Christmas). It encourages relaxation and promotes a good night’s sleep; green is the colour of life - it too can be found everywhere in nature and is said to have healing and rejuvenating properties. So not only do you get a soft plush turtle with a star emitting shell, it’s also a great relaxation aid for your child.

Price : £29.99
Source : Coolest-gadgets


  1. ada - ada aja nie gadgetnya :D tapi bagus loh warnanya ;)