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Skim boarding is a hydroplaning technique whereby the boarder runs at speed towards a thin layer of water, he/she then drops the board onto the water and mounts it with one foot (usually left foot first), the other following in one smooth movement. The boarder will then skim along the surface of the water for as long as he/she can and will manoeuvre the board in order to alter the direction and perform tricks. The board itself is shaped like a mini surf board but is considerably thinner, as buoyancy is less critical.

The Skimboard Slide itself connects to a garden hose which fills the sides of the slide transforming them into a water-filled bumper and spray rail. A few minutes after connecting to hose, the inner reservoir should hold a layer of water a few inches deep, ideal for you to begin skim boarding down the 26' long run. Remember to give yourself a long enough run-up and always ensure the slide is laid out away from hard surfaces.

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  1. That looks like a ton of fun. When I was a kid we didn't have anything that cool.

  2. yang ini keren nie.. enak bisa dirumahan surfing :D

    ow.. skim boarding namanya yah :)