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One of the scariest things in action is that the adversary could be anywhere, and you wouldn’t apperceive it until it was too late. This is why the aggressive is developing a miniature helmet-mounted radar system (HMRS). Anticipate of it as alarm for the head, to let you apperceive if bodies are about you.

The ambit on this guy is about 25 meters, and it is actual failing at 2.5 pounds. One of those pounds is absolutely on the helmet itself. I’m not assertive what the ability antecedent would be acclimated for this guy, but it would accept to be congenital to last.

This alarm can see through dust, fog, foliage, and alike walls. So if there is some enemies ambuscade in the abutting by, a soldier can ascertain them afore he or she gets attempt at. Of course, there absolutely isn’t a way for the helmet-radar to ascertain the enemies from the “friendlies”. Other things could apparently set this off too, such as attenuate copse that beachcomber in the wind.

Just anticipate about how abounding soldiers in accomplished wars could accept been adored with a accessory like this! Considering the losses that the United States has taken in Iraq or Afganistan, soldiers could use a little admonishing afore activity about that alien corner.

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