One-Person Mini Electric Car | Gadget Lover

With the feel of a motorcycle and the role of a car, the One-Person Electric Car is a small, yet efficient three-wheeled vehicle. Going up to 30 miles on one charge it's a fun vehicle for cruising around town or running to the grocery store. With its A-arm front suspension and single-sided swing-arm rear suspension it is stable yet agile. The fiberglass and rigid foam composite shell make it lightweight, while steel supports give it a strong frame.

Powered by a 156-volt DC electric motor, the electric car has 33-horsepower and can reach up to 70 mph. Simply plug the car into a 110-volt, 20-amp outlet and after 6 hours of re-charging it will be ready to take to the road again.

The One-Person Electric Car also comes equipped with the luxuries of any car including a headlight and taillight, AM/FM CD-player, power windows, air vent, and heater. In your choice of several colors, save some money and the Earth while having some fun.


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