Media Chair Concept With Ipod Dock | Gadget Lover

This Media Chair Concept is designed by Martin Emila. Its arresting pod-like shape and seamlessly integrated iPod dock. The chair is crafted from a hard plastic shell with four telescopic adjustable legs that complete its extraterrestrial looks. The desired comfort is achieved with a soft foam insert into the shell, covered with leather or desired fabric adorning different colors or patterns. The headrest features a built-in 3-way speaker for surround sound and on the outer left side is placed a compact projector for video projections.

If you’re all about being immersed in you music, this chair is definitely the way to pull that off. With the speakers right up around your head, and the cozy look of the chair, you’ll be able to get lost for hours :D.


  1. wew ternyata banyak juga persembunyian om herro boy super nih..hehehehehehe

  2. wekz brp duit nie yah klo jd? concept aja kaya gitu :D