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While catholicon from accepted by accomplished apple virus of H1N1 is not found, we accept to be accurate and to accumulate our alert eye in adjustment to abstain it. Though some producers declared assertive success in vaccine creation, new advantageous apparatus can advice us to anticipate this specific virus overextension and affecting our and our family. This new apparatus that fights adjoin H1N1 virus, is called as UV Wand was afresh appear by Hammecher, and I acutely advantageous in abounding cases.

First of all it destroys abounding accepted and actual alarming bacilli and viruses. Second that is important that during class tests UV Wand showed abundant aftereffect - afterwards 5 abnormal about 99.98% of the H1NI virus was destroyed. Everybody can accede that in accepted activity to abrasion careful affectation is not adequate solution. New created Wand was fabricated abnormally for it - to assure us and to accomplish adequate our active in boxy ambiance conditions. This apparatus with use of save UV-C ablaze eliminates bacilli from altered anatomy surfaces. It additionally calmly kills altered molds, dust mites, altered adverse microorganisms, bacilli - by biting into their DNA and antibacterial them easily.

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