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These glowing glasses are perfect for parties. They are great conversation starter and as a surprise item for your guests. Just imagine the effect that these have on a dim room with pop music thumpin’. These glasses look like a wine glass but they aren’t crystals. This makes it more suitable for parties because if your guests get all buzzed up with the alcohol that you mixed in the drinks, you wouldn’t be picking up shards of glass anytime soon.

Made out of plastic, it is also dishwasher safe and is very easy to clean. Just remember that you have to remove the base which holds the electronic component. You can have different colored drinks and still have the glow in sync because you can choose from the 7 light colors (red, green, blue, red -green, blue-green, pink-blue, red-green-blue, and multi-color). This way, your blue colored punch would be complemented by the blue glow of the glass.


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