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SleepPhones headphones are designed especially for bedtime. It is somewhat disguised as a comfortable headband that can also double as a face mask. It is quite comfortable enough to use and won’t easily come off in the middle of your sleep and disturb your slumber.

Sleep Phones are the comfortable headphones you can wear while you sleep. They are nestled inside a soft and cozy headband that you can wear around your head or over your eyes like a sleep mask. Plug the Sleep Phones in to your mp3 player or CD player and set it to play your favorite relaxing music, audiobooks, hypnosis CDs, affirmation tracks, or maybe just some white noise to drown out the world. If your mp3 player has an alarm function, you can even set the time for it to wake you up in the morning. And trust us, you'll need it after the deep and relaxing sleep you'll get wearing your Sleep Phones.

Product Specifications

* Safe, comfortable headphones for bedtime
* Soft headband can double as a sleep mask
* Plug in to your mp3 player or CD player
* De-stress with calming music, sound effects, or white noise
* Drown out that idiot in your bed who snores
* Finally get a restful and complete night's sleep

The SleepPhones Headphones is available at ThinkGeek for US$39.99 [link].

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