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The Internet Time Machine is a series of high powered cloud computer networks that linked together to study internet keyword trends. As an internet marketer or affiliate marketer what if you had a tool that could actually predicts the trends and niches on internet marketing, would that help you to take a more informed decision on which niche has a better reach and conversion.

With The Internet Time Machine you can actually predict data and profitable niches before your competitors. You can see which niches are doing better with the kind of data that the software generates. The Internet Time Machine eliminates the time consuming process by offering niches that are rising in demand with less competition. So it will help us to optimize our affiliate marketing services and we can see good profit in our business. To know more about this concept kindly take a tour at

The Internet Time Machine software is a complex set of cloud computers that monitors worldwide supply and demand curves in search engines and online communities to find new ideas and products that people are talking about and looking for, but can’t find enough suppliers for them. Because of sofware is so complex and advanced, has create a new search engine named Here you can enter your search terms and it will show the two weeks older results. So you can see highly fresh contents. Now Relevant is rapidly picking up fans worldwide and be one of the best new search engine that runs the niche marketing and trend identifying software known as The Internet Time Machine.

With continuing to expand its user base, it has recently added a 20% referral program on all PPC deposits. The search engine will also be soon offering additional features including trend clouds, such as those seen on blog sites which enable users to see what results others are searching for.

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