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Eton Soulra XL complete with speakers and a solar panel, offered at a price of 300 USD and can already preorder directly through their official website. Sanyangnya to pengkapalan and availability is still no further information.

Dimensions: 8.125 "H x 15.125" W x 5.25 "D (H 384mm x W 206mm x 133 mm D)
Weight: 7 lbs. (3.175 kg)
8 piece speaker driver (2x tweeters, woofers 2x, 4x passive radiator) Remote control storage
monocrystal solar panels
space Anti-glare for iPod / iPhone

Eton Soulra XL also has the ability when it is filled: 5 hours of playback (audio volume standard) 4 hours to fully charge the iPod / iPhone (depending on model), with a full charge of energy about 5 hours in the sun (good sunlight intensity).

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