Dominator Joystick for PS3 Console | Gadget Lover

This gadget is compatible with Playstation 3 / PS3 consoles. Its another interesting feature is that if a gamer wants anyone else to take part in the game, he will be able to plug two of these gadgets into one console and fight with each other.

Specific features :
  • It has 4 memory buttons
  • It features Combo Attacker and Rapid Fire (these functions offer gamers a possibility to prevail over their opponents without any problem)
  • Joystick can be connected to your PS3 console through the USB port
The specific design of the joystick - a translucent black / smoke case that permits the built-in blue LED lights to beam through – makes the gadget more attractive and desirable. The lights can be turned on and off just after pressing a button. Due to the four memory buttons, you can program up to 20 buttons and joystick movement combos to a single button, so you receive the possibility to make a whole series of extraordinary moves when you press a button.

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