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Camera ThruVision T5000ThruVision is a British company that has developed a special camera called the T5000. This camera is capable of detecting if the terrorists have hidden harmful objects under their clothes. Terrorist usually target crowded places such as airports, malls, or sporting events to use these deadly weapons. The T5000 can see hidden objects on people from 80ft. away and it does not reveal physical body details. Most importantly, the camera does not harm people.

Specifications overview

Maximum stand-off imaging distance: Approx 25m Stand-off distance depends on size of concealed objectApprox 82ft
Minimum stand-off imaging distance: Approx 6m Approx 20ft
Terahertz image field of view:1.5m (horizontal) x 1.4m (vertical) at 10m stand-off 5 ft (horizontal) x 4 ft (vertical) at 33ft stand-off
Power consumption:300 W
Electrical power requirements:24 V DC 10 A
Mounting options:Adapter plate for industry standard pan/tilt units
External connections:24 V power supply and CAT5e connection to PC
Dimensions955mm (w) x 787mm (d) x 409mm (h)37.6inch (w) x 31.0inch (d) x 16.1inch

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