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Electronic Cigarette of USBThe Thanko Japanese manufacturer of instrument left with a new instrument fol very nine USB. It is an electronic cigarette of USB easily that one can connect in your computer where it is charged. This product of USB comes with 11 ends from filter and the spray to be an alternative to the corrections, gum, hypnosis and other methods frequently employed to stop the practice. The cigarette of USB of Thanko is available for 2980 Yens or around and it is produced in particular healthy.

With the difference of the common cigarettes it does not contain the nicotine or the tar of harmful chemicals giving to smokers the pleasure of a cigarette without smoke. The smokers inhale a substance which seems to have the taste in candy good state. The electronic cigarette delivers nicotine without harmful smoke of a regular cigarette. Smoke produced by the steam does not have the harmful substances. It has an aroma softer than the produced typical tobacco. The electronic cigarette is charged by any port available with USB on a PC or a laptop which takes 2 or 3 hours.


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  2. Yeah, but its those cartridges that start adding up!