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Roboboa is the most slithery alarm clock ever, it looks like a small smart robot with a whole bunch of sensors onboard. This gadget have 41 functions to be exact. Here are 13 functions of the 41 modes that RoboBoa can be used in:

-Aware Mode (default)
This is the mode that makes RoboBoa respond to all the objects he sees. When he detects any movement in the room, he will scan the room to find the object, and then will track its every movement around the room.

-Explore Mode
Explore Mode is more advance than the Aware Mode. In this mode this gadget alarm clock will not only scan the room, it will also rove around and interact with everything in his path.

-Party Mode
In this mode RoboBoa turns into your personal Disco Marquee Light which moves to music or noise. Besides, with a built-in audio jack it can rock to your portable media player. (The Audio cable is not included)

-Track Mode
This mode makes RoboBoa a tracker of anything that moves in his area of vision. He tracks and sheds light on anything or anybody moving in the room.

-Super Shooter
In this mode the RoboBoa's laser, canon and machine gun do not only act as alarm, but they also trigger other WowWee Robots.

Thanks to its sensors RoboBoa responds to any changes in light and his IR radar will allow him track things that are up to 12 feet away.

-Safety Mode
RoboBoa illuminates objects that come closer than 12 feet.

-Hold Mode
Its facelights will glow brighter in the dark and they will fade down in the light.

-Sleep Mode
You can put RoboBoa into sleep mode when you are not using it; in this mode all the alarm settings and programs will be remembered.

-Shutdown Mode
Basically the RoboBoa will turn itself off and fold up for easier transportation.

-Demo Modes
There are also several demo modes t hat will demonstrate the RoboBoa's abilities. He can demonstrate his alarm tone, or his Super Shooting abilities.

-Guard Modes
Desk Guard: is a static tabletop shooting sentinel.
Patrol Guard: will make Roboboa a roving room robot that will "cannon round" anything he sees
Sentry Guard: It will scan the entire room and look for intruders. If found any it reay-beams anything he sees.

-Positional Program Mode
In this mode you can move RoboBoa around the room and he will remember up to 40 steps. Later on he can repeat the steps at the touch of a button.

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