Sea Shell USB Hub Gadget | Gadget Lover

Sea shells have long been the inspiration for many artists and writers. Scientists also for long have wondered at all the secrets that shells could hold about evolution and the story of life. Though all these may seem unrelated, here is a cool USB Flash drive hub which looks and feels like a nautilus shell. The USB 3-Port Hub in a Shell is an amazing 3-port hub, which comes with the romantic look of a shell.

You could use this hub to not only connect all your flash drives but also to show off in your office where people might think you are getting more arty and less geekish. The USB 3-Port Hub in a Shell looks and feels like it is made of ceramic. However, in reality it is made of sturdy PE plastic and weighs just 283 grams. In spite of being light and tiny, it does not compromise on the functionality and you would get everything that you would look for in a normal looking flash drive.

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