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Unlimited recording of phone call with our whole the new USB Phone Recorder. Phone calls record directly with your unit of hard drive, orders network, ftp site, or media removeable. Improve for the simple telephone or multi-telephone the applications where the need for documentation of phone call is important.

The USB Phone Recorder installed in less than 2 minutes but will give you the peace of the spirit during years to come. The attaches of USB Phone Recorder directly to your compound thus with all the lines with your multiple-line numeric telephone of office are recorded, including calls of intercom. The automatic recording of phone call and the manual recording are right some of the options which you will become the love.

A first and only of him of the 'kind of S, the USB Phone Recorder is really us devices of more innovating telephone and audio recording 'the VE considering. An integrated internal microphone allows you to record meetings head with head in your office with the push of a button, and the playback is right like easy that the recording. Easy to read and include/understand buttons of action are clearly marked so that the personnel not trained can easily actuate the USB Phone Recorder.

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